Friday 56

The Friday 56!: Royce Rolls

Welcome to The Friday 56!
Hosted by Fredasvoice

RULES: Grab a book, any book. Turn to page 56 or 56% in your eReader. Find any sentence, but make sure not to spoil anything.

Friday 56

Holy moly! How is it Friday again already?!

Surprise surprise, I haven’t read this one either! I kind of like doing this with books that I haven’t read. Keeps me motivated.

31423549Sixteen-year-old Bentley Royce seems to have it all: an actual Bentley, tuition to a fancy private school, lavish vacations, and everything else that comes along with being an LA starlet. But after five seasons on her family’s reality show, Rolling with the Royces, and a lifetime of dealing with her narcissistic sister, Porsche, media-obsessed mother, Mercedes, and somewhat clueless brother, Maybach, Bentley wants out. Luckily for her, without a hook for season six, cancellation is looming and freedom is nigh. With their lifestyle on the brink, however, Bentley’s family starts to crumble, and one thing becomes startlingly clear–without the show, there is no family. And since Bentley loves her family, she has to do the unthinkable–save the show. But when her future brother-in-law’s car goes over a cliff with both Bentley and her sister’s fianc inside-on the day of the big made-for-TV wedding, no less-things get real.
Really real. Like, not reality show real.Told in a tongue-in-cheek voice that takes a swipe at all things Hollywood, Royce Rolls is a laugh-out-loud funny romp with an LA noir twist about what it means to grow up with the cameras rolling and what really happens behind the scenes.

‘Mercedes smiled flirtatiously at him. “Wow, that was fast.” Porsche made a point of ignoring him; she only flirted with herself, or at least people more famous then she was.’


Book Beginnings is a fun add on to the Friday 56 and is hosted by Rosecityreader. All you do is post the beginning (or a little more.) sentence of a book and your thoughts on it. *I will always use the same book for both memes!*

“Lifespan needs to put down this dog of a show!”

That was a short sentence that actually comes from page 11 from the book. The beginning of the book starts really weird so I pulled from where it seems the story starts.

I know this is a newer release, but if you have read it I would love to know your thoughts!!




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