Review: Scythe of Darkness by Dawn Husted

sycthe  For Mia Hieskety, surviving high school meant focusing on exams and avoiding stupid parties. After breaking up with the only boyfriend she ever had, dating was off the agenda. That is, until Thanatos came along.

Inexplicably drawn to Thanatos, she’s determined to find out who he is and why he insists on wearing gloves to school. Something is off about him. And it’s as if she can feel him when he’s near.

Without warning, she’s thrust into a sinister world and discovers a truth that she never expected. When a supernatural connection puts Mia’s life at risk, she doesn’t know who to trust—especially Thanatos. But what if she’s in love with him?

Bold, irresistible, and beautifully written, Scythe of Darkness explores a star-crossed destiny in a whole new way. Don’t miss this hot YA urban fantasy!

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I received an ARC of Scythe of Darkness from the author herself, and I am so thankful that she reached out to me! This is set to come on Tuesday, June 13th so make sure to pre order your copy on Amazon!

I want to first talk about this cover!! I am normally not a fan of people on the covers of books, but for some reason I am really digging it! Maybe it’s the skull?

Mia has been through a lot, but I liked that this didn’t make her an overly hard, distrustful person. I liked Mia almost immediately, but the way she developed as the story progressed made me love her!

This story has that sort of insta-love element that normally makes me cringe. However, I felt the way this was done was a bit different and I didn’t mind it as much. Mia recognizes the attraction right away but instead of acting on these feelings, she’s suspicious of them.

I have never read about death in this way, and it is something that I would like to see more of. For me, it is a very different character element in the paranormal romance genre.  I LOVE that I was able to read this so fast. I needed something that I could read and enjoy without having to reread previous sections in order keep up with the story. Everything flowed together and if not for my toddler harassing me, I would have been able to read this a lot quicker!

My only issues would be that the beginning part of the book was a little bit confusing. You were given a few details that didn’t seem necessary, but ended up a huge part of the plot later. The way the ending was written works as a standalone, but I feel it is a better set up for more books… *hint* *hint*

I overall really enjoyed this book and gave it 4/5 stars! I would recommend this to someone that is looking not only for a quicker read, but also wants a different, darker kind of paranormal romance! You can try out the first 3 chapters on Dawn Husted’s website for free!

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