Exciting Announcement!

Happy fourth of July everyone!!! I hope you are enjoying your day!

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I just wanted to share with you all a new and exciting chapter that I am going to be starting.

I have just started school to earn a degree in English and Literature!

I have tried a few other schools in the past, for business, and it never ended up working out. I picked business because I thought that there was something that I could find and enjoy, while earning a good living for my family.

It got to a point where I thought that school wasn’t for me and I was going to have to try and find something that I could do without a degree, that would make me happy. There was nothing. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life, and I knew that my options would be limited without a degree.

Then I came across bookstagram and it was over from there. I found a passion that I didn’t know that I had. I started reading more and getting more involved in the book community. I love it so much.¬†giphy (2)

I wasn’t planning on going back to school again, being almost 30, but it was a thought that just kept nagging at me. I started looking at the things I could do with this degree, and before I knew it I was talking with my fiance about going back. I have never felt like this about anything before and truly believe that I have finally found where I am supposed to be.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this and sharing in my excitement!! Things might be kind of crazy, but I am going to try my hardest to keep up with everything here. Need to work on those time management skills. ūüôā

xoxo ‚̧





#ReadingDouble Readathon!


Good Afternoon everyone!!

I am here with some exciting news! Maddie and Bee from Heart Full of Books have created their own Readathon! It is set to take place June 24-25, which is a weekend so it should be easier for people to participate.

The goal is to, well, read double of something. This can be a duology, two books from the same author, two books of the same color, etc.

Please check out the announcement video on YouTube for all of the details!!

Maddie and Bee have also created a Twitter account where they will be hosting sprints, as well as a giveaway, so make sure to give that a follow as well!

This will be the very first readathon that I will be participating in! I was going to do the Spookathon  last October, but ending up getting sick. If they do it again this year, I am totally doing it!


I have not decided what I am going to be reading as of yet. I will make another post the week of the readathon sharing what I decided on.

These lovely ladies have also made a duology recommendation  video which gives some awesome ideas for things to read for this readathon!!!

I am SO excited for this and I can’t wait to see what people are going to choose for their TBR’s!

As always, thank you for stopping by!!

‚ô• Chelsea

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