Exciting Announcement!

Happy fourth of July everyone!!! I hope you are enjoying your day!

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I just wanted to share with you all a new and exciting chapter that I am going to be starting.

I have just started school to earn a degree in English and Literature!

I have tried a few other schools in the past, for business, and it never ended up working out. I picked business because I thought that there was something that I could find and enjoy, while earning a good living for my family.

It got to a point where I thought that school wasn’t for me and I was going to have to try and find something that I could do without a degree, that would make me happy. There was nothing. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life, and I knew that my options would be limited without a degree.

Then I came across bookstagram and it was over from there. I found a passion that I didn’t know that I had. I started reading more and getting more involved in the book community. I love it so much.¬†giphy (2)

I wasn’t planning on going back to school again, being almost 30, but it was a thought that just kept nagging at me. I started looking at the things I could do with this degree, and before I knew it I was talking with my fiance about going back. I have never felt like this about anything before and truly believe that I have finally found where I am supposed to be.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this and sharing in my excitement!! Things might be kind of crazy, but I am going to try my hardest to keep up with everything here. Need to work on those time management skills. ūüôā

xoxo ‚̧




Weekly Memes!

Totally Should’ve Book Tag!

Hello all!! I hope everyone has been enjoying their weekend!

I am going to be doing the Totally Should’ve Book Tag, originally created by¬†Emmmabooks¬†over on Youtube!! I was not tagged, but wanted to to more tags!

Totally should’ve gotten a sequel.

For this, I went with The Museum of Heartbreak by Meg Leder. I think that this could be a super cute duology type, that is set  a few years after the original ended. I really loved this and the characters and would love to see what they are up too.

Totally should’ve had a spin off series.

The Rest of Us Just Live Here¬†by Patrick Ness. Okay, I don’t know if this is going to count BUT, I want at least a book that Focuses on Jared… I am not going to say anything because I don’t want to take any chances on spoiling! For those who have read this, just let me know if I am crazy or not. K, thanks.

An author who totally should write more books.

Dawn Husted. After I read and reviewed her book Scythe of Darkness I have been wanting more.

A character who totally should’ve ended up with someone else.

c¬†I’m just going to leave this here…

¬†Totally should’ve ended differently.

Landline¬†by Rainbow Rowell. ***Possible spoilers ahead*** Okay, I believe that there is a lot that love can do. However, in the case of Georgie and Neil, I don’t think that love is enough to fix their relationship. I think that there is too much that has happened. Also they are so different, and I cannot decide if I love or hate Neil.

Totally should’ve had a movie franchise.

I couldn’t pick anything… I have trust issues with movies. I also don’t watch a lot of movies. I would honestly read or watch Greys Anatomy for the 65416748674651 time.

Totally should’ve had a TV show.

I can get behind a tv show being done! They would have more time to include more of the book and things like that. The Lunar Chronicles would make a cool tv series. I think that it could have a cool Firefly thing going on!firefly

Totally should’ve had only one point of view.

Of Fire and Stars¬†by Audrey Coulthurst. I had such high hopes for this and feel like it could have been so much more then it was. I think if we weren’t going between Mare and Denna’s POV, there could have been more of the story I was hoping for.

Totally should have a cover change.

towerTower of Dawn¬†by Sarah J Maas… I have to admit that it is growing on me a little bit, but I know that there are a lot of us that were hoping for so much more of this cover.

Totally should’ve kept the original covers.

18798983The Wrath and the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh. I am not a fan of people on the covers and one of the new covers of this book is no exception. I like the original for the fact that you only get glimpses of a person.

Totally should’ve stopped at book one.

You¬†by Caroline Kepnes. I have not read the second book to this, but I have heard that it not only was not good, but not at all needed. Like, it could have been good on it’s own and not at all connected to You.

Well, that is all for this tag! I am going to tag anyone who wants to do this!

‚̧ xoxo